15 Ways to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Have you ever been so tired that you have gone to bed with a full face of makeup or unwashed hair? We've all been there at some point and know how common this actually is. Yes, sleep is essential for our health and well-being, it is also a time when everything gets shut off and our bodies are at rest. When we sleep, we tend to forget about all of the stresses in our lives including simple, everyday tasks. However, that does not mean that we should completely disregard the health and appearance of our hair. Hair is made of a fragile keratinous filament, that can get exposed to damage while we are asleep, which is why we want to inform you about 15 ways to protect your hair while you sleep.


 1. Brush your hair before bed

brush your hair before bed

 Before going to bed it is important that your hair is gently brushed and free of any tangles or knots. Making sure that your hair is brushed before bed is essential to maintaining the health and beauty of your hair as it keeps it from getting tangled while you move around in your sleep, as well as evenly distributes the hair’s natural oils from root to tip.


 2. Put your hair in braids

put your hair in braids

 Putting your hair into loose braids will not only keep your hair protected while you sleep, but will make it easier for you to style your hair in the morning as you will wake up with effortless and heatless waves. For best results, we recommend to evenly apply a smoothing product, such as Nutrifuse’s Smoothing Crème, in order to create the perfect waves with a gentle, smooth hold and lustrous finish. 


 3. Wear a sleeping cap or silk headscarf

wear a sleeping cap or silk headscarf

Wearing a sleeping cap while you sleep such as a silk scarf or headwrap will keep your hair off of your face and will keep your hair protected from breakage and hair loss that could be created through friction between your hair and pillow. Silk has also been proven to be extremely beneficial to the hair, as it maintains the hair’s natural oils that are fundamental to the hair's health and growth.

 4. Apply dry shampoo

apply dry shampoo

 Applying dry shampoo on your scalp before bed will keep your hair protected and clean your hair while you sleep. The dry shampoo will collect your hair’s natural oils and sweat that is produced at night so that you can wake up with refreshed and clean looking hair in the morning.


5. Make sure to apply a scalp serum

scalp serum

Applying a scalp serum before bed will allow the serum to work thoroughly and more effectively when it is left on the scalp for hours. The scalp is where the hair grows from, so making sure the scalp is clean and nourished is essential for healthier looking hair and growth. We recommend Active Care’s Purifying Serum, as it is specifically formulated with plant extracts to effectively remove dirt and environmental impurities from the scalp.


6. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase

satin or silk pillowcase

 Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase is a more effective and protective way to make sure that your hair does not get damaged while you sleep. Silk has been proven to be less damaging to the hair than any other material, as its smooth surface does not rub off or pull on the hair while you sleep, and retains the hair’s natural oils. Retaining the hair’s natural oils is crucial to maintaining the hair’s health and appearance, and boosts hair growth.


7. Put your hair in a bun

put your hair in a bun

Putting your hair in a soft bun while you sleep will not only help protect your hair from breakage and hair loss but will give you soft heatless curls when you wake up in the morning.


8. Apply an overnight hair treatment

apply an overnight hair treatment

Applying an overnight hair treatment will keep your hair looking and feeling its best, by providing your hair with added moisture and shine, and will help repair hair damage caused by styling tools and the environment. We recommend using Active Care’s 3 Step Kits that are specifically made to treat scalp related issues in three easy to follow steps. Each At-Home Scalp Therapy Kit – Active, Balanced, Comfort, and Deep-Cleansing is created to treat dry, irritated, flakey, hair loss, and oily scalp conditions and can be used as an overnight hair and scalp treatment.


9. Apply a deep conditioning mask

apply a deep conditioning mask

Applying a deep conditioning mask on your hair before bed, such as Nutrifuse’s Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, will provide extra conditioning to your hair and will correct and perfect your hair all in one. This leave-in conditioner locks in moisture without a greasy or weighed down feel and is made with essential oils rich in vitamins A, E, and antioxidants that help protect the hair, leaving in all the good stuff and the hair ready for styling when you wake up the next day.


10. Don’t sleep with your hair tied too tight

dont sleep with your hair tied too tight

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is tying your hair too tight. The way in which you style your hair before you go to bed should be loose enough so that your hair won’t experience as much damage or tugging, which could lead to hair loss or breakage when you are asleep. Having tight hairstyles whether you are going to bed or not, could lead to traction alopecia, as tension on the hair follicle and scalp could provoke hair fall.  


11. Don’t fall asleep with wet hair

don't fall asleep with wet hair

Hair is most fragile while it is wet, and going to sleep with wet hair can cause the hair to break off and become frizzy. The friction caused by the texture of your bedding and your wet hair can create further damage and unwanted frizz. Again, we repeat, avoid going to sleep with wet hair at all costs.


12. Massage your scalp

massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp and making sure that your scalp is stimulated before going to bed is essential to promoting hair growth and promoting blood circulation to the hair follicle, which enhances hair growth, shine, and luster. We recommend using Active Care’s booster that comes in four different formulations depending on the scalp issue you may be experiencing. The booster is supposed to be massaged onto the scalp and left overnight for the best results.


13. Remove hair extensions or any hairstyles before bed

Remove hair extensions or any hairstyles before bed

Making sure that you are not falling asleep with any clip-in hair extension or structured hairstyles with pins and rubber bands, will add less stress to your hair and will allow your hair to breathe while you are asleep. Not taking out any hair clips, bobby pins, hair extension clip-ins, rubber bands, or tight hairstyles could lead to tugging on the hair and partial hair loss and breakage.


14. Use a silk or fabric scrunchies instead

use a silk or fabric scrunchies

Rubber bands and regular scrunchies tend to add stress to the hair and may cause damage while you sleep, however, fabric or silk scrunchies are less damaging and don’t pull or strain the hair and allow it to stay put without the worry of breakage.


15. Sleep with a humidifier on

sleep with a humidifier on

Sleeping with a humidifier on while you sleep, is not only good for your skin and health but is also good for your hair. Sleeping in a dry room or area can lead the hair to feel dry and brittle, while sleeping with a humidifier, will provide moisture and keep your hair from becoming or feeling dry.


All in all, even when we sleep, it is important that we take care of our hair. We at Nutrifuse know the important role hair plays in people's lives and we know what it takes to achieve longer and healthier looking hair. We hope that we have gone over some helpful tips on how to protect your hair while you sleep and that you will try some of them out for yourself! If you are interested in any products mentioned in this blog, email: nutrifuse@progenglobal.com or call: 1-855-747-9292


Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez

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