The Top 5 Fall Hairstyles for Men and Women

Fall is right around the corner along with its pumpkin spiced lattes and hair and fashion trends. Therefore, we’ve decided to get ahead of the new season and give you inspiration with the top 5 fall hairstyles for men and women.

 For Women

Braided Crowns

Braids are in style no matter the season, however, during the fall we expect to see a lot of braids that are worn across the top of the head and worn as a headband or crown. The braided crown hairstyle is pretty popular during the colder months and can be accessorized and personalized or left to shine on its own. Although this hairstyle may appear to be intimidating at first, it is quite easy to create. First, start by distributing the Nutrifuse Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner all over the hair and begin brushing the hair until the product is spread evenly. The hair should now appear smoother and ready for styling. Then, part your hair according to your liking, and begin French braiding around the head. Lastly, secure with bobby pins and you are good to go! 

 Top Knots

Top knots are the much more sophisticated version of a messy bun. They require almost the same amount of effort but with different results. All you have to do to acquire this classy do is tie your hair into a high ponytail and wrap the pony around into a bun, then secure with either a couple of bobby pins or a hair tie. For more volume, you can tease your hair before wrapping it around, or loosen the bun.

 Messy Bun

As we discussed in the last paragraph, messy buns are like top knots but less put together, and much messier. Regardless of its messy nature, messy buns are the perfect fall/autumn hairstyle because it requires very minimal effort, and the end result can actually look quite nice, especially with some accessories. To make a messy bun. All you need to do is pull your hair up into a ponytail and hold it in place while wrapping the pony around, then secure the bun with a hair tie or bobby pins and pull and loosen some strands to create a messy effect.

For Men

Short sides

The short sides style allows for longer hair to sit at the top that can be styled in different ways for different looks. The shorter sides allows for a more volumized effect at the top of the head, which is an ideal look for those with thin hair. To style this hairstyle we recommend the Nutrifuse styling crème as it allows for a manageable hold while creating a smooth and lustrous finish. Not only will you look more put together this fall but your hair will also smell fresh as well.

Messy Fringe

Longer hair is needed for this look. All you need is wet or dry hair and a sculpting gel, we recommend to use the Nutrifuse brand for best results as it provides a soft yet strong, flexible hold that lasts. Just brush through your hair as usual and add about a nickel to quarter size amount of product to the palm of your hand, run it through your hair, and style as usual. Use more styling gel if necessary.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to create these fall hairstyles that we will be expecting to see during the upcoming season. To learn more information or if you have any questions about the Nutrifuse products mentioned in this blog, give us a call at 1-855-747-9292 or email us a

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