14 Easy Last Minute Date Night Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

We know it is almost Valentine’s Day, and as much as we would all love to look and feel our best for our significant other or just for ourselves on any given day, sometimes our jobs and responsibilities may keep us from accomplishing just that. Lucky for you, love is in the hair, which is why we have gathered not one or two but 14 last-minute date night hairstyles for you to try this year!


High Ponytail with Waves

high ponytail with waves
Picture Credit: @ghqsalon

You don’t need much time to pull this textured high ponytail look off, all you need are a few tips and tricks, and once you’re done, you’ll be head over heels for this lovely hairstyle! It is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can do as it really is just a regular ponytail with a twist. However, with the right products and tools, you can quickly transform a normal ponytail, into a beautiful and mesmerizing look.

First, start by flipping your head upside down, and begin gathering as much hair as you can, once all of the desired hair is gathered tightly at the center of the head, you can flip your head up and secure with a hair tie. Then use Nutrifuse’s Smoothing Crème and a small toothed comb to smooth out any fly-aways or unwanted bumps, as well as to help keep the hair in place.

Once the hair is in a ponytail, we recommend spraying the hair with the Nutrifuse Thermal Spray and begin to spray it on the ponytail area. Use any curling tool and begin to curl different sections of the ponytail. Then, once the desired areas are curled, begin to brush the curls out and tease, for extra volume and texture. Use hairspray to keep the curls and volume in place.

Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid
Picture Credit: @thathairwitch

We guarantee that you will fall in love with this waterfall braid! To make a waterfall braid, you will start as if you are making a normal braid at the top of your head, then add a section of hair to the bottom strand and cross it over to the middle, then add a section of the hair to the top strands and cross over to the middle. Repeat this process until you have made a crown around the top of your head, then braid the remaining strands, and your look is done.


Double French Braids

double french braids
Picture Credit: @la_hype_Alert

They say French is the language of love – oh la la, and what better way to express your love this Valentine’s Day than with double French braids? This look is pretty simple to create, and perfect for those that are into an edgier look. Start by sectioning your hair in half, and divide your hair from the center of your head. Starting on one side, separate hair from the top into three pieces and begin braiding the sections as close to the scalp as possible. Do the same to the other section and voila! Double French braids. Cause two is always better than one! Can you say, “j’aime mes cheveux?”


Criss-Crossed Low Ponytail

low ponytail

Picture Credit: @harymay_hmua

Star crossed lovers? More like crisscrossed lovers! This fancy-looking low
ponytail is ideal for those that want to look put together and chic in less than
5 minutes. Really, that’s all it takes. The first thing you need is two skinny hair ties. Then, set apart two 2 inch pieces of hair from the front of your face, and tie back the remaining hair. Take the two front pieces and bring them back towards the ponytail and cross them over one another. At this point, you will wrap the sections around the ponytail and tie them underneath. See?! So simple!


Braided Top Knot

braided top knot

Picture Credit: @beyondtheponytail

Don’t worry; you won’t have to marry anyone when we say to tie this top braided knot. However, you will only need a couple of things before you begin, you will need a leave-in conditioner, we recommend Nutrifuse’s Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, two hair ties, and a brush. Begin by spraying the leave-in conditioner lightly all over the hair. Then, brush out your hair to help distribute the product evenly throughout. Then, flip the hair upside down and start to French braid from the bottom of your nape and stop when you get to the crown of your head, then tie to secure in place. With the remaining hair, begin to make a top knot and secure with a hair tie. Just like that, whether your date is ready or knot, hair you come!


Low Side Braid

low side braid

Picture Credit: @missysueblog

This low side braid will keep the hair out of your face and eyes on the prize. Begin by braiding the hair on the side of your head, and then continue to braid the hair along to the other side of your head. Finally, secure with a hair tie and pull out and strands of hair in the front for a messier approach. 

Romantic Twist Updo

Picture Credit: @alexpentonartistry

Don’t get it twisted; even though this hairstyle may look complicated, it is simple and effortless. Start by separating two sections of hair and twist the sections of the hair inwards on both sides. Then, meet the sections in the middle and secure the hair together. After this part is executed, you can roll up the remaining hair towards the inside of the two twists as a way to create an inverted bun and use bobby pins to hold the hairstyle in place.


 Effortless Waves

Pink effortless waves

Picture Credit: @hiddengem.pd

This hair look can be done with or without any heat. If you want to go the heatless route, and you want to wake up with effortless waves the next day, simply apply Nutrifuse’s Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner the night before all over your hair. Then, braid your hair into multiple sections. Sleep with your hair this way, and when you wake up in the morning, remove the hair ties from the braided sections, and you will have the most perfect and effortless waves right before your eyes.

The second version is with a heat styling tool, and all you have to do is curl your hair with a 3/4 inch barrel wand, and alternate curling the hair back and forth between 1-inch sections of hair. Brush the curls when done to reveal effortless-looking waves, and disperse hairspray all over the hair when done.

Low Bun

low bun

Picture Credit: @beautyworldnet

This quick hairstyle only takes one hair tie and little to no effort whatsoever to impress your honey bun! Before you know it, you will be done and ready to go. You need to make a bun on the lower part of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Then on the front of your hair, take out any sections of hair and curl some strands for a natural and flowing look.


Braided Crown with Waves

braided crown with waves

Picture Credit: @jesiebrayhair

Although this hairstyle may look difficult to create, it is actually quite simple.
Whether you only have a couple of minutes to get ready or not, this look will look good no matter what you wear. Start with two front sections of hair and braid them, then wrap the braided sections around the head and use bobby pins to secure in place. Use a curling wand to create curls, and you are ready to go out on the town.


Side Wrap Braid

Side wrap braid

Picture Credit: @beautyentourage

Choose the side that you will like to start the braid on, and start making a braid on one side only until you reach the nape of your neck, then bobby pin the end of the braid underneath the rest of the hair. You can loosen up the braid to make it look fuller, and style the remainder of the hair any which way you desire for a personalized look. 

Romantic Bohemian Side Braid

romantic bohemian side braid

Picture Credit: @tiffanydidit

Nothing says romantic than a beautiful bohemian side braid, and what makes it even better is that it is easy to create. Just start by braiding from the top of your head and continue to add hair from the side all the way down to the tips of your hair. Once you have reached the end, take sections of the braid and pull on them gently to create volume and add fullness to the finished product. Bam! Boho romo chic in seconds!


Half up Half Down Ponytail

Half up half down ponytail

Picture Credit: @gaminedynasty

While you are with your other half, they might not get enough of this Ariana Grande inspired hairstyle. I mean let’s be honest, she has pretty much trademarked this look at this point. To begin, separate any amount of hair that you would like at the top or crown of your head while leaving an inch to an inch and a half section of hair on the side. Then, tie the hair on the top of the head and use the leftover strands to tie around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Nevertheless, this look will have you saying, “you like my hair? Gee, thanks, just did it.”


Straight or Wavy Hair with Accessories

hair accessories

Picture Credit: @beeefreed

Depending on what hairstyle you currently have, this hair trick is the easiest and time friendliest one of them all. We certainly left the best for last. All that is required is to add any accessories or hair clips to your hair. This will instantly make it appear as if you spent time on your hair, and will elevate your look in a fun and customizable way. Whether you want to keep it simple and add neutral clips or go all out and follow a theme with colors and words, there is no limit to how you can accessorize your hair.


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Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez

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