How to Deep-Condition Your Hair The Right Way

The hair replacement industry’s favorite product is by far the Smoothing Crème by Nutrifuse. What makes it so unique? It’s three main ingredients Collagen, Argan Oil, and Keratin which all work together to revive dull, lifeless hair and add lustrous shine. Unlike most smoothing crèmes on the market, this product is ultra-light and won’t leave your hair looking greasy and feeling sticky.

There are many uses for a smoothing crème. For example, it can be used to combat the effects of certain weather conditions such as frizz from humid climates, tangles from excessive wind, or dryness because of the sun. One way that we’ve heard clients use our Smoothing Crème product is as a Deep-Conditioning Treatment post-wash. Keep reading to see what steps you should follow for an effective Deep-Conditioning Treatment using the Nutrifuse Smoothing Crème.

Step 1:

Shampoo hair using the Nourishing Shampoo by Nutrifuse. Whether it’s from the men’s or women’s collection, be sure to start with this ultra-hydrating shampoo to give your hair’s cuticle the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Shampoo your scalp and let the suds fall down the length of your hair once you start to rinse it out.

Step 2:

Follow up with our Moisture-Rich Conditioner for men or women. This step ensures the cuticle is sealed and protected with a barrier of healing ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and collagen. Rinse and ring out any excess water once you exit the shower.

Step 3:

The next step is optional but works wonders if you have any issues with tangling. Spritz a light layer of our Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner and comb through your hair gently.

Step 4:

Finally, the step you’ve all been waiting for, the deep-conditioning treatment using the Smoothing Crème from the women’s collection. Apply a quarter size amount to palm, or a nickel size for shorter hair, and rub hands together. Work the product through the hair focusing on the ends where you see most damage and breakage. Activate the deep-conditioning properties with heat from a blow dryer and, using a round brush, style and dry to your liking. Once you’ve finished drying your hair, you’ll notice shinier, softer hair instantly.

Follow through with this treatment once every two weeks to show your hair some love. The great thing about the Nutrifuse Smoothing Crème is that it can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair and you’ll always reap the benefits. A little extra heat will give you added hydration and smoothing properties as the mixture tames the frizz while leaving hair shiny. Have you tried this treatment out? What were your results?

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