How to Revive Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can be a huge hassle to manage in terms of styling as well as when it comes to the way that your hair looks and feels. Not only are there various home remedies and DIY (do it yourself) hair masks on the internet but there are numerous hair products marketed towards being able to reverse hair damage. Oftentimes, these hair masks and products do more harm than good for your hair, which is why we will be providing you with different tips on how to revive damaged hair on your own.

Handle your hair with care.

Although this tip is a must regardless if the hair is damaged or not, ensuring that you are handling your hair with care and not excessively brushing the hair or doing other harmful practices is vital in making sure that your hair remains healthy and does not experience further damage. Even when the hair is wet, it is important that you do not harshly brush it, as hair tends to be in a more fragile state when it is wet than when it is dry. Secondly, when trying to handle your hair with care, is ideal to limit or stay away from heat tools. However, if you must use heat tools make sure that they are on low heat, and that you are using a heat protectant to keep the hair from experiencing severe damage. Otherwise, try going heat free by air drying your hair and trying out different heat free hairstyles, this will help your hair recover from unnecessary heat and  damaging hair products. Lastly, using hair care products that are gentle and are not made with harsh ingredients, can also help with the overall health and vitality of the hair. For example, hair products that don’t contain parabens and sulfates are a must! Such as the hair products available by Nutrifuse, that are not only paraben and sulfate free but are made with Vitamins, antioxidants, Argan, Collagen, and Keratin in order to help combat the effects of damaged hair.

Once implementing these small individual steps into your routine, you should be able to start seeing a difference not only in the texture of the hair but in the health and appearance of the hair as well.

Limit the times you shampoo.

Yes, shampooing your hair is extremely important, in order to remove dirt, oils, and environmental stressors from your hair strands, as well as to maintain clean hair. However, it is unnecessary and not recommended to shampoo your hair too often, as it may strip your hair from its natural oils and dry out your hair making your tresses appear dry, brittle, and limp over time. Dry hair is susceptible to breakage, hence leading to further damage. That is why we suggest using shampoo every other day, or two to three times a week. 

Go to a professional for treatment.

Like we stated in the beginning, there are many DIY hair masks and treatments that you can try at home, but most of them are a hit or miss and if not careful can go wrong very quickly. On the other hand, going to a professional for a hair treatment is a lot safer, and more beneficial. This is because professional, in-salon hair treatments tend to contain the highest concentration of active ingredients in their formulas. These active ingredients target hair damage directly and oftentimes the transformation can be felt immediately. What are you waiting for? Definitely contact your hair-stylist or favorite hair salon ASAP and ask about what hair treatments they have to offer.

Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

If you have processed or color treated hair, this tip is for you. Once you have processed your hair in one form or another, the damage is already done. Therefore, using the right hair products is key to limiting further hair damage. Using color- safe hair products on color treated hair not only will make the hair color last longer, but will keep the hair from looking dry and dull over time.

Protect your hair from the sun.

We have all heard about protecting our hair from heat tools, but it's not often that we hear to protect our hair from the sun. However, the sun can sometimes be even more hot than heat tools and can easily cause just as much if not even more hair damage to the hair. Therefore, we recommend to use use a heat protectant on the hair before being exposed to direct sunlight, as well as wearing a hat or scarf to limit UV rays from affecting your hair. We recommend using the Thermal Spray by Nutrifuse, as it protects strands from heat up to 450°F, while strengthening and smoothing the hair surface. It locks in hydration and creates a seal, leaving the hair soft, manageable, and heat and sun ready.

Trim the damage off.

One of the best things that you can do for your hair is trim all of the damage off, and start your hair care journey with fresh looking hair. Damaged hair tends to weigh the hair down, and make the ends look uneven and brittle, getting rid of all the excess damage can help make the hair look alive and healthy again. Go ahead, don't be afraid of the “big chop,” your hair will thank you later.

Use leave-in conditioners.

Leave-in hair conditioners are amazing and can do wonders for all hair types, as they provide hydration and protection in-between washes. The nature of leave-ins are typically light and not much is needed to obtain the needed benefits. The benefits include: taming frizzy, unruly hair, and added moisture to make the hair smoother and more manageable. We recommend trying the ultra Hydrating Leave-in Conditioners by Nutrifuse as they are made to correct and perfect hair all in one, lock in moisture without a greasy or weighed down feel, and are made with essential oils that are rich in vitamins A, E, and antioxidants that help to protect the hair. For best results, we recommend to apply the product on damp hair, and comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

Are you ready to revive your damaged hair? Let us know if you try any of these tips down below in our comment section and what your results are. For more information about haircare and to learn more tips and tricks about hair, visit our blog page here: for more information about the products mentioned in this blog visit: or email: 

Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez

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