5 Hair Trends We’re Obsessed With

Lately, we’ve been discussing different habits or products that could be ruining your hair, but this month we thought we’d keep the subject a little light and give you some hair trends that are gracing the pages of beauty blogs and magazines. Keep reading to see what five trends will be dominating the streets this upcoming season.

Dirty Blonde Hair

It seems like the trend of platinum blonde hair was never going to end, but here it is ladies and gentlemen, the end of an era. This season, expect to see warmer toned golden blondes taking over. Let’s face it, that platinum blonde trend was way too hard to achieve and maintain anyway. This gives your hair a break from the long bleach sessions and gives you a more natural, “lived-in” look. What do we mean by “lived-in”? Well, with this style, the key is to keep your roots a little darker than the rest of your hair, almost as if you went an extra couple of months without visiting the salon. It’s ok though; it’s on trend now.


You probably cringed when reading that but don’t worry, scrunchies are making a huge comeback. As a gentle alternative to the hair tie, it won’t tug on your hair or strain it when held back. So, not only is it fashionable, but it’s better for your hair too! The key is how you wear it. Try a messy high bun or a low and loose ponytail. Celebs like Selena Gomez and J.Lo are even rocking it!

Curtain Fringe

A staple in French beauty has always been the curtain fringe, but what is it exactly? They’re those overgrown, loose bangs that you see all the it-girls wearing during Fashion Month. There’s something so simple and chic about the curtain bangs. They’re feminine and sexy yet tomboyish and cool at the same time. This low-commitment style is ultra-versatile and easy to wear—exactly what we want for Spring.


Braids are one of the easiest, yet most versatile hairdos that you can do. From French braids to boxer braids, this style will keep you cool during the warmer months of spring. As a bonus, you can take them out the next day and have gorgeous beachy waves without the damaging salt water.

Ribbon Highlights

Much like the dirty blonde trend, ribbon highlights feature coppery, caramel strands that add depth and texture to your hair. Think sun-kissed summer hair. These highlights are strategically painted on, but give off the effect of effortless highlights. The technique involves painting on several different shades that are lighter than your base color. Oh, and the great thing is that you don’t have to stick to blonde colors only. Depending on your natural color, you could do a lighter brown or even a lighter tone of red to achieve the same look.

It seems like this season’s trend is effortless beauty. That why we see so many of these live-in looks. So, which trend are you going to try out this season? Let us know with a comment below!

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