How to Properly Care for Your Wigs and Extensions

Because the hair used in wigs, extensions, and other hair systems often goes through heavy-processing that leaves the hair dirty, knotted, matted down, and extremely dehydrated, it’s essential to use the proper maintenance techniques when caring for them. Keep reading to learn our favorite tips and tricks for maintaining and caring for your wigs and hair extensions.

While there is no need to cleanse every day, it’s still ideal to have a proper washing routine in place to help the hair last longer. The key to a proper wash? Using the right products. We don’t recommend using any ordinary shampoo or conditioner. With wigs and extensions, the hair isn’t growing from the head and therefore requires different ingredients and nutrients to help maintain its natural shine and luster. Often, hair used in these systems can feel dry, almost brittle because it is so dehydrated. Why? Because there are no natural oils from the scalp distributing to the lengths of the hair. Products with hydrating ingredients like keratin or Argan oil help to replenish lost moisture in the hair and tame any unwanted frizz or static.

Another thing you want to look out for in hair care products for wigs and extensions? Sulfates. Sulfates are what give your products suds. They’re usually found in clarifying products because they help to eliminate product buildup and excess sebum. Unfortunately, they also eliminate natural oils that help to keep hair hydrated and shiny. For extensions and wigs, we suggest steering clear of all things sulfates. 

While most sites recommend soaking your wig in a mixture of cool water and shampoo, we advise against it. If you soak a wig in water and shampoo, you can potentially impact the base material of the wig or even cause loose knots that will eventually lead to hair fall. The proper way of washing a wig is to rinse the hair with water, distribute shampoo through to the ends of the hair, and gently work the product in–never scrub in a harsh manner. Rinse any shampoo out of the hair and proceed by working a quarter size amount of conditioner into the hair. Do not apply conditioner to the roots or knotting. Finish off the wash with a thorough rinse until water runs clear. Be sure to let the water run in the same direction that the hair falls. To dry, squeeze the hair between a towel, preferably a microfiber towel, or press it between two towels, never ring it out.

For maintenance in between washes, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner that will hydrate and protect the hair daily. You could also you a smoothing cream that works to eliminate frizz and provides a barrier of protection against heat or other harmful elements. Finally, the way the hair is styled will significantly impact the life of your wigs and extensions. When using hot styling tools such as flat irons or blow dryers, always be sure to spray the hair with a heat-protectant spray. The hair used to create wigs is typically more damaged and over-processed than usual; that’s why proper maintenance and care is essential to how long they will last.

Nutrifuse was developed as a system used to help replenish lost moisture and defend against further damage in wigs. Today, it’s known as one of the most successful lines of haircare products designed specifically for over-processed hair. All Nutrifuse products are sulfate and paraben-free and contain four crucial ingredients that help restore lost luster: argan oil, keratin, collagen, and vegetable protein. Available for men and women, our select line of maintenance products is all you’ll need to protect your hair systems and keep them looking their best. Shop our selection today:



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