4 Major Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing

If you let out a sigh every time you look at your hair in the mirror, then it’s time to re-evaluate your hair care regimen. Chances are, you’re making at least one of these four mistakes, and your hair is speaking out in protest. Whether you’re struggling to grow your hair or looking to revive it, read on to find out 4 major reasons your hair is not growing.

1. Abuse of Heat

Likely the most obvious of them all, yet the most ignored. Heat damage can cause serious harm to your hair through the cuticle. Did you know that different styling tools have different effects on the hair? While a blow dryer strips the hair of moisture, a curling iron or straightener cracks the cuticle. Both lead to dry, rigid, and brittle hair which causes breakage and split ends. The best way to avoid damage is by using a heat protecting spray and low-heat settings.

2. Dry Combing

Of course, combing your hair while it’s wet is a disaster on its own, but did you know that dry combing is often worse? Why? The constant tugging of the comb through dry hair causes knots and a stripped cuticle. Friction, knots, and a stripped cuticle all lead to breakage and damage. To stop the friction, run a few drops of hydrating oil throughout the hair before brushing or combing. The best thing you can do, though, is handle your hair with care.

3. Over Washing

Usually, when something is over washed, it will start to look dull and lifeless. The same is true with your hair. Over washing your hair will remove all its moisture making it dry and brittle. By eliminating natural oils, your scalp will overcompensate by overproducing oils. Clogged hair pores caused by excess sebum and buildup can inhibit growth and lead to thinning hair. It’s best to prevent this by washing hair every other day or as necessary. Also, be gentle with your hair. There’s no need for excessive scrubbing.

4. Using the Wrong Tools

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to brushes. Certain textures work best with certain brushes. Your hair will look its best when you give it what it needs. For fine hair, it’s recommended that you use a brush with boar bristles. Not only is it super gentle, but it’ll help distribute natural oils throughout the hair. Curly hair will benefit from a combination of boar and nylon bristles. You’ll get a gentle brush through with enough tension from the nylon bristles to sort knots out. For medium-thick hair, try using a nylon brush to reduce static. Enjoy a struggle-free brush through with no tangles or knots left behind. For a defined curl and lustrous shine, a Denman brush works best for natural hair.

When all is said and done, treating your hair with kindness is the key to a shiny, lustrous finish. There’s no need for excessive brushing, scrubbing, or heat. To achieve the right results, you must use the right tools. Remove these bad hair habits from your daily routine, and you’ll notice better-looking hair in no time.

So, which of these four habits are you guilty of doing?

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