3 of Our Favorite FREE Hair Care Tips

3 Free Hair Care Tips

It seems like all the hair care tips you read about nowadays have to do with buying this product and buying that product. We’re here to share a few easy tips that are free and don’t require any specific hair care products. From brushing to drying, we’ve got three easy hair care tips that will have your hair looking healthier and more voluminous at no cost.


Most of us start brushing or combing our hair from the top and working our way down, but this could be detrimental to your hair’s health. Instead, focus on detangling any knots towards the bottom of your hair first. Once you’ve removed all those problematic knots, then you can carefully glide your brush through the length of your hair starting from the top. With this trick, you’ll notice less hair loss and less frizz too. A bonus tip for brushing your hair is to brush before shampooing to not only loosen up dirt and grime but also to remove any knots before your hair is at its weakest state a.k.a. wet.

Shampoo your scalp, condition the ends of your hair:

Listen, there’s a good reason that the pros always recommend this. Think about it; you’re shampooing your scalp to break down any impurities, dirt particles, or oils that may be lingering. By applying conditioner to your freshly cleaned scalp, you’re just reversing the steps of your shampoo. Most conditioners contain moisturizing ingredients that help soften your hair. Applying conditioner to the scalp and failing to remove it effectively will not only cause excess oil, but it’ll also make your hair limp and dull. So, shampoo the top of your head and let the suds fall down the length of your hair. Then, follow up with a moisturizing conditioner at the ends of your hair, where it needs it the most. Your scalp already has natural oils that will keep it hydrated so don’t weigh your hair down by adding additional oils.

Blow drying:

For an extra boost of volume, flip your hair upside down and blow the warm air at the roots of your hair. Wait until dry and flip your hair back, continue blow drying as you usually would with the added benefit of extra va-va-voom. Another tip is to let your hair dry about 70% so that it takes less time to dry and it won’t frizz up. Less dry time means less damage and more shine.

So, which was your favorite free hair care tip? We’d love to hear some of your favorite hair tips that you’ve picked up at a salon visit or just by experimenting. Comment your favorite suggestions below, and we’ll feature them in a future blog post!


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