Nutrifuse: The Cure for Dry Damaged Hair

Our story begins at the forefront of the hair replacement industry. Nutrifuse was originally developed as a hair care system with the strength to replenish moisture and nourishment for severely damaged hair replacement units. The human hair used in wigs, extensions, and other hair units goes through a laborious process that often leaves hair dirty, knotted, matted down, and extremely dehydrated. To combat these issues, Nutrifuse was created and led the movement for an entirely new generation of hair care. Keep reading to see how our line of restorative haircare products helps combat dry, damaged hair.

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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer for this. It all depends on personal experience and what works best for your needs. Some may like to wash their hair every day and others may do it once or twice a week. Of course, prolonging the time between a wash can lead to more scalp problems, especially if you’re spritzing some dry-shampoo on the skip days. Read on to see how often you should wash your hair according to your hair type.

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Keratin, Argan Oil, Collagen, & Vegetable Protein: What Can They Do for Your Hair?

Have you been suffering from dry, damaged, or over-processed hair? If so, you may want to continue reading. Below are some of the best ingredients you should be looking for in your hair products if you want to combat weak, dehydrated hair. Number four is one of our little secrets…

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Avoid These 3 Ingredients in Your Hair Products

We’re always told that if we can’t pronounce an ingredient on the back of a shampoo bottle, then it’s no good–that ideology isn’t always the best. Yes, we are cautious, but many hard-to-pronounce ingredients are harmless. What we need to do is watch out for, specific ingredients that cause more damage to the hair than benefits. If you discover any of these ingredients in your hair care products, it might be time to move on and find a replacement.

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