Scalp Care vs Hair Care: What’s the Difference?

Scalp Care vs Hair Care

I know, it may seem like a silly question, but there’s a pretty significant difference between caring for your hair and caring for your scalp. By shampooing your hair, you’re removing any oils or dirt that may be lingering from a day or two sans wash. You then continue your routine with a light conditioner and maybe a smoothing crème or leave-in conditioner. Boom! That’s all for haircare. Now, how does scalp care differ? Think of the head like a garden. Just as the earth needs healthy soil that’s nurtured through water and fertilization, the scalp should be free of product buildup and residue for healthy hair to grow. Traditional hair-care products like shampoo are designed to wash your hair, not your scalp. So, let discuss some common hair and scalp ailments and how you’d care for them accordingly.

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3 Easy DIY Hair Masks to Try Tonight

Three Easy DIY Hair Masks to Tray Tonight

Sure, we love using our favorite hair products for healing any hair problems, but sometimes we just want to get a little creative and make a whole experience out of hair care. Raise your hand if you designate one night to pamper yourself a week. If not, these three easy DIY hair masks are sure to get you into the habit. Read on to find the best DIY hair mask for your hair issues.

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